Adolescent Smoking and Toothbrushing

Smoking is a significant risk factor for periodontal disease as well as other systemic diseases. Another risk factor is poor oral hygiene. These two risk behaviors, when started early, might become life-long habits.

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Teaching your children good dental hygiene practices

Parents can give their children a great start toward a lifetime of dental healthy by teaching them good oral care habits early. Instilling good habit can be an uphill battle at times, but teaching the importance of having healthy, clean teeth and making dental care fun can make the process easier.

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The connection between diet and dental health

Diet has a significant effect on dental health. While poor nutrition can contribute to tooth decay and cavities, good nutrition can prevent dental problems and make the teeth stronger. From infancy to old age, a balanced diet is just as essential for the teeth as it is important for general health.

The modern Western diet contains a mixture of carbohydrates, like sugars, that are fermented by oral bacteria in the mouth. The fermentation process produces acid, which left unchecked, can lead to cavities.

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Patch for Promoting Wound Healing

“PerioPatch is an excellent device, applied directly to the affected area by my patients with no side effects. It markedly improved soft tissue healing and reduced the signs and symptoms of inflammation in the oral cavity. Having versatile applications, ranging from management of inflammatory lesions in the oral cavity to post-operative care for enhancement of soft tissue healing after periodontal and other oral surgical procedures, PerioPatch is a valuable addition to a wide range of dental procedures for every practice.”

Prof. Carlos E. Nemcovsky, Associate Professor
Department of Periodontology and Dental Implantology
Dental School
Tel Aviv University

We Love Our Patients – Actual Patient Testimonials

“We have been patients for years at Dr. Qureshi’s office. We have always felt confident in Dr. Qureshi’s decisions as well as his team members. We have always been thoroughly informed of procedures and have felt comfortable with the entire team at Dr. Qureshi’s office.”

Scotte & Tom McElwain – Springfield, VA

Energy and Sports Drinks Associate with Enamel Dissolution, Researchers Report:

Something to think about when drinking your ‘energy’ drinks.

High titratable acidity in energy drinks, and to a lesser extent in sports drinks is a significant predictor of enamel dissolution, according to a study published in the May issue of general Dentistry.

Life Saving Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleaning done at the dentist is a special “deep” dental cleaning, where all the harmful plaque and tartar is removed professionally.

Many people unfortunately regard professional dental cleanings as not so useful procedures. They think if they brush their teeth twice a day, nothing wrong can happen. However, the dental cleaning done at the dentist is a special “deep” dental cleaning, where all the harmful plaque and tartar is removed professionally.

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Length of Tooth Survival in Older Adults with Complex Medical, Functional and Dental Backgrounds

Tooth loss is a serious public oral health concern among older people. Tooth loss can be considered a failure of current oral health care strategies, Knowing how soon this failure will occur can help clinicians enhance preventive strategies for preventing tooth loss and minimizing its impact. The authors conducted a study to detail tooth survival patterns in an older cohort.

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