Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry: Relax Throughout Your Dental Treatments

Sedation Dentist in Alexandria VA

Relax Throughout Your Dental Treatments

Dr. Qureshi and his caring staff understand that some our of patients are apprehensive about going to the dentist. Our office works to provide a warm and calm environment for all of our patients. Our practice offers certain anesthetics for patients when requested in order to handle difficult procedures, which include oral conscious sedation as well as Nitrous oxide (laughing) gas.

Our sedation dentistry treatments are also provided to assist our patients who have sensitive teeth, have difficulty in getting numb, and who may be nervous around needles.

We are Sedation Dentistry Experts in Alexandria VA

Nitrous oxide is a relaxing gas that soothes patients and enables them to relax and experience a pleasant state instead of the discomfort of a dental procedure. If you would like to discuss sedation dentistry with Dr. Qureshi, be sure to make your appointment with our office by calling 703.931.4544, or by using our contact page.

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