Arlington VA Root Canals

When the inner portion of a tooth becomes damaged or infected, significant pain can result. In such cases, a root canal may be suggested. Root canals are a time-tested treatment for saving a tooth that is severely infected, decayed or damaged. Neglecting root canal therapy could mean the loss of your natural tooth and the subsequent expense of a restorative bridge or dental implant. Dr. Farhan Qureshi is a skilled dentist that proudly offers excellence in endodontic treatment. Our Arlington office provides painless root canals to help patients regain a healthy smile in the most comfortable way possible.

Tooth Pain Relief

When decay penetrates into the center of the tooth, the nerves are at risk for damage or infection. This can be quite painful, with symptoms ranging from sensitivity and foul taste to swollen lymph nodes and persistent gum discomfort. In order to relieve your pain and save your infected tooth, a root canal procedure is performed.

Rest assured that Dr. Qureshi follows advanced technique and uses sedation dentistry to eliminate or minimize your discomfort during root canal therapy. The procedure involves removing the infected tooth pulp, cleaning the inner tooth chambers of harmful bacteria and sealing the tooth with a special filling material. Most patients will also require a dental crown to ensure the affected tooth retains optimal function and durability for years to come.

If you have an infected tooth, don’t put off treatment. We are proud to serve the Arlington community with superior dental care for all ages. A root canal is a straightforward procedure that can make a dramatic difference in your current comfort level as well as your future smile appearance. Contact us today to schedule your root canal therapy consult with Dr. Farhan Qureshi.

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