Health Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Alexandria


Reduced risk of gum disease and decay

Gum disease is well documented as being responsible for a range of dental and general health problems including bad breath, bleeding gums, abscesses, infection and tooth loss. If an infection is left untreated, it can get into the bloodstream and spread to the bodies’ vital organs, putting them at risk.

However, professional teeth whitening has been shown to reduce the risk of developing gum disease. This is because the gel that is used in professional-grade whitening has been proven to destroy the bacteria that causes gum-disease and tooth decay, and balances the PH levels in your mouth. As tooth decay is caused by acid erosion, neutralizing these acids can help to protect your teeth against damaging decay.

This means that people who opt for professional, in-office teeth whitening are less likely to develop tooth decay or gum disease.

Improved mental health

Inflammation is believed to be a contributing factor in many diseases, including those which affect cognitive ability such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some studies performed in the UK have found that system-wide inflammation due to gum disease could actually contribute to impaired cognitive ability. Therefore, by reducing your risk of gum disease through teeth whitening, you could also be reducing your risk of developing mental health conditions.

Safeguard overall health

Many studies have linked poor oral health to a range of different and degenerative health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, endocarditis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke.

By choosing teeth whitening and minimizing your risk of developing decay and gum disease, you could also be helping safeguard your overall health and prolong your lifespan.

Our highly qualified and experienced Alexandria dentist, Dr. Qureshi, is delighted to be able to provide exemplary quality professional teeth whitening in Alexandria and the surrounding areas. If you are less than satisfied with the appearance of your smile, get in touch and book your no-obligation consultation today. We look forward to helping you achieve the whiter, brighter smile that you deserve.